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At allsynx, our mission is to be a leader in offering HR solutions, products, and services to our customers. We pride ourselves on our effective and easy-to-use technology that makes life simpler not only for our clients, but their employees and families as well.

Meet Our Team

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Chris Wood

Chief Operating Officer / President

Chris Wood is the President of allsynx. Under his exuberant leadership over the last ten years, the IT, Benefits Technology, and Systems Development departments have grown tremendously in their size and scope. He is a wealth of technological insight. Chris is also a proud husband, father, and grandfather! Chris spends his personal time having fun, especially when coaching and playing soccer.

Ryan Jones

Chief Revenue Officer

Ryan Jones has been with the company since 2002. During this time, he’s held a variety of different roles that progressed from leading the IT team, to becoming Chief Information Officer, and finally pivoting in 2020 to become Chief Revenue Officer. He hails from a rural area in west Texas called Klondike where he played 6-man football and learned the value of hard work on his family’s cotton farm. When he isn’t working, Ryan spends his time working on building his own house and also enjoys doing mission work with his church. A favorite trip of his was when they went to Ethiopia to build playgrounds for schools. He can often be found strumming his guitar, shooting his bow, or dripping his coffee.

Nick Phillips

Chief Customer Officer

Nick leads the organization in the customer program’s voice, end-to-end customer experience, and strategic partnership management. He sets the Benefits Technology department’s vision by fostering innovation and growth in an environment employees want to work in.

He began his journey with the organization in 1994, moving boxes in the Policy Issue team. Nick quickly became a go-to guy working with every team, department, and directly with executives. His can-do attitude led him to become a licensed broker and grew professionally as a key enroller. In 2005 he transitioned to the newly formed online benefits administration team. He found his passion on this team that combined innovation, technical knowledge, and insurance enrollment. He rose through the ranks from data analyst to EDI supervisor to Manager to Director to CCO.

Using his wide range of experience, he develops both customers and employees through mentoring, networking, and opening opportunities. Nick’s solution-based philosophy fosters an environment of automation and process innovation in an ever-evolving agile operation.

Nick lives a non-complacent lifestyle that pushes him to travel to the world, experience the arts, and enjoy learning new hobbies, crafts, and skills.

Paul Welp

Chief Technical Officer

Paul Welp started at allsynx in 2008, where he rose to be the Director of Systems Development, and in 2019 he became our Chief Technical Officer. Born in Carrollton, Paul is a Texas native. He attended UTD, where he graduated with a degree in computer science. He refers to his home as ‘zoo’ because he has dogs, cats, horses, and to top it all off, two children – but he loves them all. He is happily married and enjoys spending his free time with his family. A lover of puns, Paul’s jokes and sense of humor help inspire positivity – and sometimes groans – from his team members.

Kymberlie Welp

Chief Legal Officer

Kymberlie Welp is originally from Colorado but has lived in Texas the last 13 years. She graduated in 2010 with a B.S. in Electrical Engineering and then made a career shift and earned her Juris Doctorate and certificate in Intellectual Property Law in 2015. Kymberlie opened her own law practice in 2016, focusing on intellectual property and business law. In 2018, she accepted the position of Corporate Counsel for allsynx‘s affiliate, MGM Benefits Group. In 2021, Kymberlie was excited to accept the position of allsynx’s Chief Legal Officer. She enjoys trail riding with her family, reading as many books as she can, and relaxing with her kids, husband, and multitude of pets.

Loanna Watkins

Chief Financial Officer

Loanna Watkins became the Chief Financial Officer at allsynx in 2021. She enjoys bringing solutions to the organizations she works with, creating efficiencies and streamlining process to optimize the growth of each company. Over time, Loanna has learned that creating teams and empowering individuals gives everyone the motivation to put their best foot forward. Her biggest mantra is “Take everything that you have learned and pay it forward”. She believes we can always accomplish big things when we are brought together!

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